Digital Law and Data Protection


  • We represent companies in judicial and administrative proceedings involving Digital Law, Privacy and Data Protection;
  • We provide legal advice on Digital Law and its interconnection with regulatory and contractual aspects, individual and labor rights, and others;
  • We offer specialized multidisciplinary consultancy (legal and technical) for adaptation and compliance with Brazilian privacy and data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Law – LGPD, involving the following activities:
    • Mapping of data flow and recommendations for risk mitigation;
    • Strategy for and development of privacy programs (data governance);
    • Preparation of documents related to compliance with the LGPD such as: Data Processing Contract; Report on the Impact of Personal Data Protection; Response to Privacy incidents; Terms of Use and Privacy Policies;
    • Review of contracts and other documents for compliance with privacy and data protection rules;
    • Training and capacity building for personal-private data management in accordance with applicable legislation;
    • General advice and legal opinions on LGPD topics.

“Compliance with privacy and data protection legislation is not only a legal obligation, but a huge competitive and reputation advantage for companies.”

Ana Clara Chicrala

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