Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Legal advice for various business segments; assistance in the preparation and amendment of bylaws, shareholders’ agreements, minutes of general meetings and minutes of meetings of the board of directors.
  • Representation of clients in general and member meetings, and in negotiation of shareholders’ agreements;
  • Design and structuring of corporate restructuring: merger, acquisition, spin-off and transformation operations; joint ventures, consortia and SPEs;
  • Advise companies in structuring for sale, audits (due diligence) and in the elaboration and negotiation of purchase and sale contracts;
  • Advise on bankruptcy and judicial and extrajudicial reorganization proceedings in the planning of acquisition and sale of companies in financial difficulties and in the purchase of assets of insolvent companies.
  • Legal audit; recovery of claims in companies under court or out-of-court recovery process or bankruptcy process; enforcement against debtors and other judicial measures aimed at the preservation of credit.

“We understand the business and objectives of our clients, enabling us to present effective legal mechanisms.”

Júlia Mota

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