Month: May 2022

Currently, approval of the technical part of the Petrobras registration process is no longer required, but only during the qualification stage of the contracting processes.

But it is still very important to register and renew annually, presenting the documentation for the legal, economic and integrity sections. Thus, you start to receive notifications of bids and avoid problems during the bidding.

Some public notices provide for a short time for the qualification phase, and therefore when the company already has the requirements mentioned above approved, it avoids the risk of disqualification.

In the integrity requirements, Petrobras submits the supplier to due diligence in light of the Petrobras corruption prevention program. The supplier is expected to have an integrity system in place to prevent and remedy irregularities and acts of corruption. Otherwise, there is a chance of a red note (failure), which makes it impossible for the company to contract with Petrobras.

For foreign companies, registration is even more important, since all documentation issued abroad must undergo a legalization or apostille procedure, depending on the country. Thus, it is practically impossible to meet the short deadlines for qualification of the public notice if there is no prior registration approval.

In addition, for foreign service providers, an operating authorization ordinance issued by the Federal Government is required. This authorization can be obtained in a few days through the “” portal, upon presentation of several documents, according to IN DREI nº 77, of March 18, 2020.

But all documentation from abroad must be legalized or apostilled, and translated by a sworn translator, which takes time.

The only exception is in the case of international bidding when all services provided for in the scope of the bidding will be performed abroad. In this case, it is not characterized as “operational”, thus dispensing with the government’s “operation authorization” and the need for a legal representative in Brazil. Our team is available to assist you in the registration process, in the implementation of the Integrity Program and in the process of obtaining authorization to operate in Brazil (foreign companies).